November 02, 2011

And what about the long overdue challenging of the idols of global bank regulations?

Sir, when reading Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury’ “Time for us to challenge the idols of high finance” November 2, I cannot but regret he did not include the need to also challenge the idols of global bank regulations. 

These regulators, more than anyone, because of their capital requirements based on ex-ante perceived risk of default, are the most to blame for a world that is sinking dangerously fast, in the overexposure to what was ex-ante perceived as not risky, like AAA rated securities, Greece and many more sovereigns; and the underexposure to those perceived as risky, the small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

If instead of analyzing the pro and cons of a financial transaction cost they had analyzed what those regulations mean to the downtrodden “risky”, in terms of additional burdens, and in terms of gifts to the already favored “not-risky”, they might have understood the real inequalities that are present in the banking system and prioritized their petitions better.