October 29, 2011

Even in very shallow waters one finds regulatory arbitrage

Sir, Gillian Tett in “Baggy surf shorts, ´top freedom´ and the greater cover up” October 29, seems be confessing having engaged in regulatory arbitrage when admitting that she never wore bikini tops in the UK but rarely wore bikinis tops in France”. 

Since Gett, when reporting, seems to be quite happy in general with the rulings of the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision, and this even when those regulations have resulted in serious “malfunctioning”, I wonder whether she might be suggesting we could benefit from a Basel Committee on Beach Dress Code. 

Indeed, that could put some global order on this delicate issue? But also, and from a pure tourism competitiveness point of view, is it really fair that some beaches allow nudity and others do not? I know, I hear you loudly, it depends on the quality of the nudity, but still, could this not be an issue for WTO?