July 22, 2011

The Dodd-Frank Act stays stubbornly on the wrong course towards the regulators no-risk Utopia.

Sir, Barney Frank writes in reference to the Dodd-Frank Act that “it allows financial institutions to perform vital of accumulating capital and making it available to the productive elements in our society, while minimizing the likelihood of irresponsible practices that contribute little to productive economic activity”, “We are on course to stop a new financial crisis” July 22. 

That is not true. As long as regulators keep indulging in that irresponsible regulatory practice of arbitrarily discriminating, by means of different capital requirement for banks, in favor of those perceived as “not-risky”, like the triple-A rated and the “decent” sovereigns, and against those perceived as “risky”, like small businesses and entrepreneurs, nothing has changed, since the course towards the regulator´s no-risk Utopia remains steadfastly the same.

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