May 23, 2011

Save us from these irrational and hysterically risk-adverse bank regulators

Sir, Patrick Jenkins in “State lending targets are grist to the mill of history” (by the way a much too smart title for someone dumb like me) May 23, writes: “Experts estimate that the Basel III rules increase the capital that banks must hold against an average corporate loan by about 30 percent, and by closer to 100 percent for an SME loan”.

Can you now start to understand what I have been shouting about for years that Basel III is only digging us deeper into the hole? What on earth has SMEs, always perceived as risky, to do with this or any other bank crisis? Have not the current capital requirements against SMEs been more than enough? There is only one conclusion we are in the hands of irrational and hysterically risk-adverse regulators! And we will pay dearly for our silence!