April 22, 2011

If not the dollar, then no other fiat currency either

Most of the world´s concern with the dollar is in fact not with the dollar itself but more of the “if not the dollar then what?” type, since, if looking at the forest and not the trees, makes it clear that no country´s fiat money stands a chance to survive a dollar failure. That is how globalized we have become… that is why some non US are even toying with the notion of supporting a tea party, no matter how doubly distant they feel from some of those partying there … no matter they serve corn on the cob instead of cucumber sandwiches… and others buy gold.

Let us suppose the US officially presented to the world the possibility of a 40% haircut on its debt. Would that be the same as an Argentinean haircut? No way José, since the day after the US would again find unwilling willing takers of US debt, and at quite low rates, because it would think that the day after the US imposed some debt ceiling that really became a real roof.

China, India? Good luck Warren Buffett, but we do not have all that much money to afford the luxury of trying.

In truth, if we would still use fiat money, then the Dollar II would still be better positioned than all other.