March 23, 2011

And what about a special intellectual property monopoly tax?

Sir with today´s technology I am not that sure John Lennon will never ever sing another song, as John Kay holds in “It´s mad to give my heirs rights to a student lit crit essay” March 23. But, yes, John Lennon will not write another song, and even if some computer wizards used his old material to generate a new John Lennon song, we can rest assure John Lennon would not appear as the beneficiary of that copyright.

This touches on an issue not covered in John Kay´s excellent article, namely that all or at least most of the intellectual production rights, gets credited only to whom who ran the last leg of the corresponding human relay... and that to top up that injustice, the rest of us have to pay for the protection of these rights. I have often held that revenues that derive from the monopoly rights the society has awarded should be taxed on a higher rate than those revenues someone has to fight for all alone and without a protective shield.