August 20, 2010

Stiglitz is still a paradigm away from grasping a new paradigm.

Sir Joseph Stiglitz recognizes “the invisible hand was invisible because it was not there”, and lays the blame for this squarely on “bank managers in their pursuit of their self interest”. “Needed: a new economic paradigm” August 20.

But Stiglitz, is not capable, or willing, of understanding the much more important market interference played by the capital requirements for banks based on perceived risks; which regulators arbitrarily placed as a non-transparent layer of incentives and disincentives on top of the premiums used by the market to clear for risks.

He even speaks about “excessive risk-taking” without getting that since most losses we caused not by for instance investments in Argentinean railroads, but in triple-A rated securities collateralized by mortgages, in the USA, what we really suffered from was an excessive regulatory induced risk-aversion.

That is why I am sure that when Stiglitz mentions that he believes “a new paradigm is within our grasp” he is still just a paradigm as far away from it, as he has ever been.