March 09, 2010

FT seems to be seriously obfuscated by some European issues.

Sir in a world where there seems to be no sustainable way of taking average world per person consumption to even a frugal German level, I must say that I find your editorial of March 7, “The burden of German thrift” and in which you actually demean those not consuming as much as they could be consuming, to be outright irresponsible.

Yes, the economic variables need and will sooner or later be realigned so as to take care of the current disequilibria that are more the result of Greece having abused the strength of the Euro than of Germany abusing the weaknesses of the Euro. To be so obfuscated so as to prefer the Greek economic model to the German one points to some very serious underlying European issues in FT, and that I sincerely hope they can sort out for the good of all.