October 14, 2009

We´re stuck in an unsafe to be dollar safe-haven, most probably waiting for the Dollar II.

Sir Martin Wolf writes that “The rumours of the dollar´s death are much exaggerated” October 14, but the discussions have really been about who could take over some of the dollar´s job so that it would not die of a heart attack. And the dollar´s job is not an easy one, as it has the USA suffering from the curse of exporting safe-haven permits, which creates few jobs of that sort the world likes to qualify as “real sustainable” jobs, while importing products produced by real jobs abroad.

Will the dollar suffer the agony of a slow death or fade away like a soldier? Not likely, once the rumour of the safe-haven is having become dangerously overcrowded starts, death will be swift. Strangely though, as things currently stand, the most likely heir of the dollar would be the Dollar II.