August 03, 2006

All cannot be that bad with Mr Blair!

Sir, there has to be something personal, otherwise for a foreigner - an outsider - it seems impossible to understand the viciousness of Rodric Braithwaite’s “Mr Blair it is time to recognise your errors and just go”, August 2, and for a start it seems to contain far too many adjectives for it to even have been published by FT. That said and sidestepping the issue of Mr Blair’s support to the Iraq war, we should never forget that there are also other things in life. At this moment when concluding reading the UK White Paper titled Eliminating World Poverty – Making Governance Work for the Poor, though I would of course debate some issues, let me as a foreigner assure you that this is indeed a document that should make any Englishman proud, and even make Mr Braithwaite recognise that with Mr Blair all is not bad, by far.